Tuesday, January 27, 2009

"Where's the BEEF !!!!!!!!"

Wait a minute. I thought this blog was about beef.  Here I am looking for sausages, franks, steaks, ground round, etc., etc..  All I see is this Chocolate Truffle Tart and this Chocolate Cinnamon Cream Pie, yummmmmmmmmmy !!  Man, I sure wouldn't mind sinking my teeth into that Fried Bittersweet Chocolate Bread.
 You know this blog may not be that bad after all.  Thanks Uncle !!!

Speaking of blogs, be on the look out for,"The Barkley Chronicles"  (The life of a Boston Terrier, who's never been to Boston.)


Uncle Beefy said...

Okay, Barkley (& Cedric)...flattery will get you EVERYWHERE! ;) Thanks for the blog love. :) You're too much!

Unknown said...

HAHAHA I love sir Barkley!!!