Saturday, January 31, 2009

I'm sorry I can't be a Vegetarian.

As I was driving from an area where I was taking pictures of shrimp boats, I notice this building with  this nice lettering covering the walls .  I made a u-turn,  and pulled in the parking lot.  When I got out the car I came across a man.   I asked him was he the owner, he said no.  He pointed at the door and said the owner was inside.  I went inside asked could I take photos of the outside of  building,  he said yes.  I started taking pictures, as I did, the guy from earlier walked over to a smoker and started adding wood to it.  I've always been fascinated with large smokers (grills), my uncle in Thomaston always grilled.   I could remember the taste of the meat, it had a smoky flavor that I was in love with.  I asked the guy could I take photos of him managing the fire, he said sure.  I took a couple and said thanks as I walk off he said,  I'm about to put the meat in, do you want photos of that ?  Inside my head I was like, "Hell Yeah !!".   My mouth was watering the entire time.  These are some of the photos from that encounter, and to that young man, who's name is Fuzzy, I say thanks.


Uncle Beefy said...

I used to be vegetarian, even vegan for a spell, but it is this kind of drool-inducing imagery that makes me happy to be a carnivore once again. ;)

Anonymous said...

Uncle, you're a fool for that comment, LOL.

Uncle Beefy said...

Well, Cedric...what can I say? ;)

Lenoxave said...

I've never tried to be a vegetarian. I like animal flesh too much. That sounded blood thirsty, but what can I say?

Ronnie said...

While you all are asking what you can say, I'll say... You lead a pretty interesting life! Paris one week and Savannah rib shack the next!
Hard to know which is better!!
Yummy imagery!
Ronnie-in a small town in Georgia waiting for more Cedric Cowboys!!
This latest photo of mother and daughter. Cowgirls perhaps?