Saturday, February 7, 2009

"Good Damn Cupcakes"

Here's some pictures I took at my favorite Bakery.  "Back in the Day Bakery" in Savannah, GA.  It was fun shooting, also seeing what really goes on behind the scene.  I would've never thought they did so much work in one day.  It makes you appreciate ever bite of those delicious cupcakes and sandwiches.   To Cheryl & Griff I say that's for the experience, one I will not forget.


hayliebird said...

these pictures are incredible and they have me more homesick for mama day and the bakery than ever before!! cheryl and griff are some of the greatest people i know and it shines through in their talents.
i miss them dearly. i also miss those damn cupcakes and the bread and all the other magic they make. this post made me oh so happy! thank you.

Cheryl said...

I am on the Late freight. Thanks for the lovely post.
Now get back here to work :)