Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Two Gorillas to go !!

Well I finally finish the paintings for the show in Paris totaling 18.  The truck came to pick up the work, they will drive them to NYC, crate them then ship to Paris.  I felt like this Silverback Gorilla just jump off my shoulder.  Now I have to work on getting the other two gorillas of my shoulders too. Lately I've been getting inspired by images of vintage sports  and circus photos.  I've already started incorporating them in my paintings, also I'm working on something interesting I will release on a later date.  Christmas Eve, I guess Santa's elves aren't the only ones working in the middle of the night. Merry Christmas to all, hope the economy doesn't have everyone down, let's get back to what Christmas really means, being surrounded by people you love and giving praise for what you do have.

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